FoneFill Tabletop Phone Charger

$ 119.00 $ 155.00

Do your customers ask to charge their mobile devices at your business? Can your business benefit from happy customers that stay longer and spend more?


FoneFill Tabletop Phone Chargers enable your business to say yes to your patrons and easily enable them to charge their phones and tablets while enjoying a meal and/or beverage.


Each FoneFill has a rechargeable battery, which means it go from the charging station (included) to ANY table in your establishment. No costly installations. No need to permanently install and interfere with your decor.


For home users, you can attractively charge your phone from any room in your home. Charge your phone, tablet, and child's portable video game system at the same time!


Each FoneFill Charger:

  • Designed for restaurants and other public environments
  • Portable and battery powered for use at ANY table 
  • When not in use, devices stack  and charge neatly
  • Charges up to 3 phones, tablets, or video game systems simultaneously
  • Compatible with all popular phones  and tablets 
  • Built-in security features

Included In-box

1 - FoneFill Tabletop Charger

1 - iPhone and micro USB cables securely installed (pictured)

1 - iPhone 5 Lightning Cable securely installed (not pictured)

1 - FoneFill Power Supply